Car Thieves
Car Thieves
The Process
1. You let us know what car you want to get. Contact us by email:
2. We look for the car and give you a few variants with it's options.
3. We agree about the car and discuss it's cost and shipping place. Note that we ship it inside EU only! It means you can pick the car up inside EU only.
4. You pay 30% of agreed cost of the car to let us work with it. Bitcoin is only way to pay.
5. We steal the car, clean it and ship to agreed place.
6. You pay the rest ang get the car.
- Producing new docs for full cleaning the car.
- Repainting.
- Changing the engine and chassis numbers.
- Also we can sell the car by autoparts. We prepare it.
- Ask for more:
Special auto

Trucks, dozers motor graders, loaders, forkligts. We can steal for you some special equipment if you need.

Burn it!

We can burn, damage or destroy the auto of someone you don't like or just want to get him in fear of you.

Driver's Licences

We produce fake driver's licences of almost country in EU. Licences pass all visual tests.

Contact us: